Once upon a time I was  (ongoing series)

“When one falls ill with A., the lives of those who are close to him are not focused on questions about death, but about life.

 A, is a disease that belongs to life to a greater extent than others. It brings together all the madness of life, brutal and mysterious energy, unpredictability. Embodiments and decompose reality. It mixes time”

(Pagano, F. p.53)

“Once upon a time I was” ​is a prayer for my grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. In this personal intention I am reflecting on the past as well as the present; life and the remembrance and distrust. Contact with people who are gone may have varied forms. For me, this form is my project. It is a quiet and reflective meditation on a person who I loved deeply. A loss I’m still trying to accept.

In reality, Alzheimer’s disease disrupts communication between neurons and causes death of the cells. In the photographs, the neurons destroy only the first layer of the picture showing a small extent of the disease. This series depicts archival photographs found at home. It is a discovery of my grandmother’s life.

This project is dedicated to all the people who have Alzheimer’s disease and their families. This project is a prayer for all of these lost memories. It is this moment between a deep breath and exhale, when we can let it go.

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