In conversation with Sappho 

"The moon shone full 

And when the maidens stood around altar..."

This project is influenced by women in my family, my mother and my sister, but mostly by my grandmother who gave me the strength in believing in myself and who loved me as I am. Her wisdom is with me until today and I want to share it with next generations. I am fascinated by women stories and bounds which we are able to create with each other. It is a different type of engagement and understanding, the love which is filled with flowers and sunlight, but may be also like a fear of seeing ourselves from the inside. Women on my photographs raised by various generations of women who talked about discovering their feminity, hidden desires, struggles and strenghts. Focusing on fashion industry, canon of beauty and mental health, I wanted to tell the stories about liberating ourselves from rigid frames of judgement. This is the message about respecting ourselves within ourselves and making more beautiful, but not only regarding to body.We need to start looking at our imprefect body and mind with acceptance and love. 

During our conversations I was discovering something about myself and my feelings, some of them covered in dust, and I started to bring them to life again but with different attitude. In My heart I felt the warmth, vulnerability and frankness again. Listening and sharing stories about mothers, grandmothers and previous generations became something what was not discovered enough and needed to be pass again. Each of them has the story of loneliness, seclusion and love, which shaped them as they are today. These stories might create bounds with many other women who suffer, do not feel loved, blame themselves and do not understand themselves in their lives. Each conversation makes us feel lighter, awakening power and undiscover strength. Women in my project are different, they are from different backgrounds, they have different beliefes and stories. The thing which unite them is the same need of being understood and listened. These inspiring stories are intend to spark in women the light of how important we are to each other and how to take care of our daughters, mothers and grandmothers. Like Sappho adapted the word “I”, we need to be brave and remember how sacred we are to be a women.

“I love the sensual. 

For me this and love for the sun 

has a share in brilliance and beauty”

Stylist: Cosimo Angiulli Damiano

Hairdresser: Robbie Purves

MUA: Cat McQueen

Models: Diana Sosnowska, Valeria Jemelijanenko, Michella Capelli

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